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About Our Products

This year’s product offering features many new applications for the Muscle Car market.

Information Facts about Headers

If you need components to build your own header and exhaust system… Patriot Exhaust is the place to come! Mild steel, 304 stainless steel and aluminized bends are available in 1 1/4” to 4” diameters with a multitude of radius and wall thickness choices at affordable prices. Flange kits, formed collectors, premium gaskets, pre-bent weld up kits and the famous Smithy’s® muffler complete our comprehensive offering.


To help simplify almost any exhaust installation job, we offer a complete line of hardware including flat and mounting brackets, header brackets, custom rubber grommets, saddle clamps and custom chromed circle clamps for Lake pipe installations.

Circle Track Headers

Patriot Exhaust Circle Track Header 8020-1Patriot offers affordable racing headers and do-it-yourself weld up kits for many applications in the popular IMCA Modified, Sprint Car, Late Model Sportsman, Street Stock, Mini-Stock and Pony Car classes. Our headers use precision machined flanges and lightweight but strong 18 gauge tubing. Mandrel bent primaries and long transition collectors reduce backpressure for increased exhaust velocity. Some applications are available with our stepped pipe design to help broaden the torque curve for better corner acceleration. Available with our optional metallic ceramic thermal barrier coating which is corrosion and heat resistant up to 1600º F providing increased thermal fatigue protection and lower under hood temperatures.

Sprint style Weld-up Kits

Sprint style header kits work for outside frame street rod applications, sprint cars, and front strut type drag cars. Sprint style kits come with 8 mandrel bent one piece primaries, 2 flanges, formed collectors gaskets and hardware.


Our gaskets are thick, tear resistant and cut to match our header and collector flanges. Make sure you get the perfect match by ordering our replacement gaskets.

Exhaust Cut-Out Kits

Easy to install cut-outs permit quick bypassing of your exhaust system for maximum power in racing conditions. Kits come with all nessesary mounting hardware. Some fabrication may be required but no welding is needed.

Exhaust Hardware

Our complete line of exhaust hardware will help complete any exhaust installation. From rubber grommets to custom chromed circle clamps for Lake pipes, we have it.

Header Flanges

Header Flange Kits

Patriot precision machined header flange kits are available for many popular engine families. Header flange kits come complete with premium gaskets and header bolts. Choose from our 3/8” or our weight saving 5/16” flanges.

Collector Flange Kits

Patriot collector flange kits come compete with two flanges, gaskets and flange bolts. Round collector flanges kits include two block off plates and two flanges.


Patriot Exhaust U-Bend exampleOur U-bends are available in many combinations of radius, tube diameter and length to suit professional header builders, custom muffler shops and do-it-yourselfers alike.


Lakester Headers

Patriot Exhaust Lakester Header 8040-1Give your rod a nostalgic look with our Lakester style fully welded header. Fits T-Buckets, Model A's, 32-34 Hi-Boys and most other fenderless street rods with small and big block Chevy or Ford small block engines. Classic design allows for hookup to an under chassis exhaust system, but by removing the provided blockoff plates you can easily uncork your headers.

Roadster Headers

Patriot Exhaust Roadster Header 8072Roadster "Fad T" and '32 Hi-Boy headers have set the industry standard for style, quality and performance. Choose between the Classic or the high performance Sprint style for small and big block Chevy and small block Ford engines. Match these headers with our Turnouts and integral mufflers for a complete exhaust system. Roadster headers are available in raw finish, with Patriot’s metallic ceramic coating or with show quality chrome. All chrome headers are polished before and after assembly to assure ultimate chrome quality 360° around all pipes.

Side Tube Turnouts

Patriot Exhaust Side Tube Turnouts h3813Turnouts are designed primarily for roadster style headers and are available with or without built-in six sided louvered mufflers. Turnouts provide the perfect finishing touch to many custom exhaust applications. More information.

Specific Fit Headers

Patriot Exhaust Specific Fit Header 8050-1Don't give up looking for headers for your vehicle. Patriot offers headers for many applications at prices you can afford. Built with surface machined thick steel flanges for a great seal and mandrel bent mild steel tubing. Patriot headers are available raw or with metallic ceramic coating. Unlike paint or chrome, metallic ceramic coating is easy to keep clean, resist rust and corrosion and will not discolor. Metallic ceramic coating also reduces underhood temperatures. All Patriot headers come with installation hardware, collector reducers, gaskets and instructions.

Street Rod Headers

Patriot Exhaust Street Rod Header h8012-1Full length and fenderwell headers

Full length and fenderwell headers provide the ultimate performance for street rodders with high performance engines. These header styles have longer primary tubes, which help produce more horsepower and torque than Tight Tucks.

Chassis headers fit inside the frame rails, but if there is not enough room, our "up and over" fenderwell headers will provide the same great performance with an awesome look.

Clippster headers

Clippster style headers are perfect for grafting modern uni-body front clip suspensions to street rods, muscle cars and trucks. Clippster headers use longer primaries than Tight Tucks, yet shorter than full length headers. Collectors exit toward the rear of the engine compartment providing excellent ground clearance on "slammed" applications as well as clearing steering and suspension components.

Tight Tuck Headers

Patriot Exhaust Tight Truck Header Product H8027-1Tight Tuck headers are the solution to many problems associated with engine swaps in modern street rods. Tight Tucks fit in the tightest of engine compartments and clear all stock motor mounts. Our applications include headers for small and big block Chevy engines, small block and Flathead Ford engines and small block Mopar engines. Most headers are manufactured from durable 16-gauge tubing and comes complete with gaskets, header bolts and collector reducers. Tight Tuck headers are available in three finishes; raw finish for individual customizing, chrome finish for that show quality shine or with Patriot’s very popular metallic ceramic coating.

Tri-5 Headers

Patriot Exhaust Tri-5 Header h8046Our popular 55-57 Chevy passenger car headers for small or big b swaps offer superior performance and fit. These headers accommodate the GM 605 power steering box conversion and fit most motor mounts. Extra ground clearance makes "slammed" cars driveable and above frame rail exhaust system installation easy. Available in a raw finish for individual customizing or with Patriot’s metallic ceramic coating.

Weld-Up Kits

Lakester Weld-Up Kits

Patriot Exhaust Lakester Weld-up kit h8001Our weld-up header kits work great for street rodders and racers who need to build custom headers when a specific fit header is not available for their car. Check out our Lakester style header kits featuring 16 gauge mild steel tubing and specially designed tapered collector cones.

Sprint style Weld-up Kits

Sprint style header kits work for outside frame street rod applications, sprint cars, and front strut type drag cars. Sprint style kits come with 8 mandrel bent one piece primaries, 2 flanges and formed collectors.

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