Facts About Patriot Headers

What finish is applied to a Patriot headers?

Metallic Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating (MCTBC) is simply the best header finish on the market and is available on all Patriot headers. MCTBC protects and extends the life of headers by creating a thermal barrier that significantly lowers underhood temperatures and protects the substrate metal from thermal fatigue. After MCTBC is applied, it is polished with a vibratory finishing process that produces a high luster aluminum appearance. The polishing process compresses and activates the coating, which increases the surface hardness to produce a finish that is 60% more corrosion resistant than an unpolished surface. This coating is easy to maintain and will last for years under normal operating conditions.

What should I do if I encounter an installation problem with my header?

Header installation for the most part can be accomplished with simple hand tools, a floor jack and jack stands. Some applications can be very time consuming due to limited space in the engine compartment. Should you encounter a fitment problem do not attempt to modify or alter the header in any way or your warranty will become void. Call our knowledgeable technical staff for assistance at 909-599-5955. Headers returned without prior written authorization will be refused. Read our complete warranty policy on the last page of this catalog.

Do all Patriot headers have the same basic design?

No, absolutely not. Patriot headers are designed for specific applications. The type of header design will change depending on the intended vehicle usage. Patriot headers for conventional V-8 applications utilize five types of header designs:

Full Length Patriot Exhaust Header - Full Length ExampleFull length headers are typically used for higher RPM horsepower, but can also increase the mid range torque in applications were there is room to fit a long tube design.
(mid length)
Patriot Exhaust Headers - Clippster ExampleMid length or “clippster” headers provide improved ground clearance for popular muscle cars and street rods.
Tight Tuck Patriot Exhaust Headers - Tight Truck ExampleTight tuck headers are the best solution for narrow frame rail street rods.
Lakester & Roadster Patriot Exhaust Headers - Lakester ExampleLakester and Roadster headers are designed to fit T-buckets, Hi-Boys and many more fenderless street rods. These header styles are built for nostalgic looks and top level performance.

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