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Chrome Clamps

Patriot Exhaust Chrome Clamps hpc200Why bolt up your new side pipe exhaust system with those rusty old clamps you’ve got laying around? Finish off your exhaust system with stylish chrome clamps.

Lake Pipe Plug Kit

Patriot Exhaust Lake Pipe Plug Kit h1285Create the custom look with a Lake Plug kit. Comes complete with caps and hardware. Caps are also available separately. Sold in pairs.

Lake Pipe '4'

Patriot Exhaust Lake Pipe '4' h1165Get the look of an expensive tuned header side pipe at a fraction of the cost. Chrome Lake Pipe ‘4’ kits connect to headers or a stock exhaust system with one functioning inlet tube and 3 dress-up tubes. Side pipes have built in "HI-FLO" six sided louvered cored mufflers which absorb sound not horsepower. Fully welded brackets allow for easy installation. Length is measured from the bend in the collector to the end of the side pipe.

Low-Line Lake Pipes

Patriot Exhaust Low-Line Lake PipesThe look is back and you can have it with our triple, single and slant style lake pipes. These pipes do not incorporate any silencing materials and are recommended for non-functional use only. Available in three different lengths. The pipe kits come with chromed pipe plugs (except the slant style).

Shielded Side Pipe

Patriot Exhaust Shielded Side Pipe h1050Give your vehicle that custom look with a classic shielded side exhaust system. Large 3" o.d. inlet/outlet pipes and low back pressure six-sided louvered core mufflers guarantee performance and produce a distinctive power tone. Complete installation flexibility is built in with the full 360° rotation feature on both inlet and outlet pipes. Includes mounting hardware.

Shielded Side Tube Turnouts

Patriot Exhaust Shielded Side Tube Turnouts h3824The classic slotted one-piece shield design gives your rod a great custom look and heat protection when exiting the car. Comes with built-in six sided louvered mufflers that provide excellent sound control without robbing horsepower.

Side Tube Turnouts

Patriot Exhaust Side Tube Turnouts h3819Turnouts are designed primarily for roadster style headers and are available with or without built-in six sided louvered mufflers. Turnouts provide the perfect finishing touch to many custom exhaust applications. Choose from three different finishes to match your need; chrome, metallic ceramic or raw.

Universal Side Pipe Hook-Up Kit

Patriot Exhaust Universal Side Pipe Hook-Up Kit h7402Now there is a way for you to hook-up your side pipe exhaust system. Our kit works with 2” up to 2 1/2” inlet sizes and comes with two 90º and two 180º bends with required saddle clamps. Some minor fabrication and welding is required.

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