Distributors for Chevy SB/BB

Distributors for Chevy SB/BB



Cast "Stock Look" distributors for Chevy SB/BB .  These distributors are equiped  with the original Ignitor® or Ignitor III electronics.  


·         All new cast housings molded after the original Delco distributors

·         Tailored advance curve for optimum performance and drivability

·         Adjustable vacuum canisters for extra tunability

·         High dielectric strength cap and rotor with brass contacts

·         Legal in all 50 states (C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-23)

·         Warranty 30 months electronics / limited 1 year mechanical

  • Part Numbers:   D104600 with Ignitor   D7104600 with Ignitor III






















































































































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